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KENWOOD TS-850S/AT HF Transceiver RX TEST - Alpha Telecom

Teste do Kenwood TS-850S/AT do Leo - PY4BR Teste efetuado em 04/04/2012 ás 18:00 horário local Antena usada: Dipolo ...

Listening My Beautiful Kenwood TS-850

Few minuts across the HF with a nice Kenwood TS-850. The transceiver is connected to a Windom 10-40 antenna, you can ear ...

Kenwood TS 850S con bastantes problemas de condensadores

TS-850S con ya evidentes síntomas de problemas con condensadores electrolíticos, mejoras y mantenimientos diversos son ...

#167 Kenwood TS-850 with Micky Mouse sound fixed

TS-850 diseases on local board.

Testing my KENWOOD TS-850S with S51DX

Testing my TS-850SAT on 20m.

kenwood TS-850 Panadaptor .

Kenwood TS-850 Panadaptor , Follow on from the TS-870 Panadaptor install.

Spinning the ' Dial ' on the Kenwood TS-850-SAT

Quick spin around on the Kenwood TS-850-SAT before I shot of to bed ... It's noisey on this Antenna , It's a mono band Inverted L ...

#75 Ham Radio repair: Kenwood TS-850 S local board with leaking capacitors

This radio is known for leaking capacitors therefore we show in this episode the preventing maintenance to be done for this radio.

Kenwood TS 850 S - Repair & Tuning

Naprawa radia na pasma radioamatorskie Kenwood TS 850 S , oraz dostrojenie generatora .

Reparacion de un TS 850S de Kenwood que se empeñaba en no funcionar

Puesta a punto de un magnifico TS-850S de Kenwood que se empeñaba en no funcionar debido a múltiples problemas.

my new kenwood ts 850 sat

intro into the kenwood trash of tin shit 850 hf radio video from the nutt-house from mr nutt howzun himself.

#118 Repair: Kenwood TS-850 no audio on all modes

How to troubleshoot a classical audio issue.

Kenwood TS 850S para su revision, todo correcto pero veo algo extraño

Un TS-850S de Kenwood para revisar, todo mas o menos normal hasta que me fijo en algo inesperado en la unidad CAR.

qso banda 80 metri Kenwood TS 850s

antenna usata per l ascolto Mantova 5.

Kenwood TS-850S Test

Kenwood TS-850S Test.

Super revision a un estupendo Kenwood TS 850S

Gran revisión a un magnifico Kenwood TS-850S que aunque en apariencia funciona correctamente necesita atención.

Kenwood TS-850S HAM Radio Repair Part 1 of 3

I must apologise for the poor camera work during the first parts of these videos, it does get a little better later on. In these videos I ...


Kenwood TS 850 Radios are known for leaking capacitors, as they get older they have to be replaced, if let go for to long the caps ...